Thu, 27 Oct 2005 22:13:14 PDT
James Waddick writes:
Dear All;
I have grown and bloomed about 6 or 7 species of Eulophia, 
but although I have not lost any they have not thrived or multiplied 
to the extant that E. petersii has (I recently arranged a trade on 
this list). They exhibit a range of form and tolerance especially to 
soil types and water schedule. Except for E. petersii I don't think 
I'd recommend them except to the most dedicated growers.

All my species came from American growers and by mail. 
Patience and perseverance are need to acquire these. There is a huge 
orchid growing community out there and many pursue these odd-balls.

Good luck.         Jim W.
I just brought my Eulophia keithii indoors. Now I put them under bright light and stop all watering until new growth resumes in March or April. The long thin (unorchid-like) grasslike leaves will soon wither and fall off leaving attractive dark green flattened conical pseudobulbs 2-3 inches tall, making the whole pot much more compact. When the growth resumes I divide into 2-3 pseudobulb sections and repot into fresh potting soil amended with perlite. Blooming soon follows, the inflorescence somewhat resembling that of a smaller Cymbidium sinense or ensifolium. These are enjoyed indoors. Then the plants are acclimated to full sunlight outdoors in May and fertilized heavily untill fall.
Easy as pie - first neglect with no water, then throw water and fertilizer on every day. I have extras available and am looking for other species.
Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ USA

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