Dahlia imperialis

David Victor davidxvictor@mailblocks.com
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:02:17 PDT
Hi John,

You picked me up on my comment regarding the flowers of D. imperialis.  I 
should have said that was my opinion based on the plants that I have seen 
here in the UK, which have had a handfull of flowers on their very tip, of 
a wishy-washy pinky-white.  I'm perfectly willing to accept that they can 
be much better and, if so, if you ever have any spare 

My guess is that my view is pretty much based on plants that only just 
start to flower before the winter gets them and I'm very willing to accept 
that they may perform quite differently elsewhere.  As foliage plants, I 
believe them to be very fine.

Incidentally, for those of you who like the genus, RHS Wisley mounted a 
very fine demonstration of most, if not all, of the known species last 
year, which were provided by one of the Scandinavian universities.  I'll 
try to sort out the photos I took at the time and put them on the WIKI 
sometime soon.

Best regards,
David Victor  

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