Paul Cumbleton paul@cumbleton.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 12 Oct 2005 11:35:57 PDT
Many thanks to Lauw and several others of you who have emailed me privately
to welcome me to the PBS, you really are a friendly bunch. Lauw is lucky in
being close enough to visit Wisley relatively often. For any of you who are
able to visit Wisley, I would be happy to give you a tour including 'behind
the scenes'. In my department, the potted bulb collections are grown in
areas not normally open to the public and then put out on display in the
Alpine Display House as and when they come into bloom. But we are always
happy to show the whole behind the scenes collection to those who have a
special interest. Obviously, please contact me in advance to arrange a date
to ensure I am available.
Thank you all again for your warm welcome. I don't consider myself a great
expert when it comes to bulbs so I will be asking as many questions as those
I may attempt to answer!

Paul Cumbleton
RHS Wisley
Surrey, UK
Zone 8

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