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Liz Waterman
Wed, 07 Sep 2005 13:52:17 PDT
It has  been many years since I traveled around Taiwan by train.  
Outside Taipai, there was little to no English spoken or written.  I'm 
sure it is much easier now.  I was with someone who could read and speak 
a little Mandarin and I was willing to make a fool of myself quacking, 
clucking, and hopping to get food to eat.   It would be a wonderful 
treat for a botany sudent to travel with you and your life would be much 

Jane McGary wrote:

>I have two questions to post, unrelated to each other except that both have 
>to do with travel.
>2. I'm interested in visiting Taiwan, just to experience something entirely 
>different, and would like advice on the best time to see mountain plants 
>(presumably late spring?). I'd also like to know, from those who have been 
>there, whether it is unrealistic for a person who does not speak and read 
>Mandarin to contemplate traveling there, particularly by car. I'd like to 
>make the trip next year and I don't think I could learn to read it by then, 
>though I could probably manage speaking (I've studied other tone 
>languages). I even thought of hiring a local person, perhaps a college 
>student studying botany, as a guide, but it seems so imperialistic!
>Jane McGary
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