Sternbergia lutea division?

Danny Barron
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 17:16:01 PDT
Alberto (and others that replied), thanks very much for your experiences.  I 
went ahead and lifted two of largest of  the six clumps of sternbergia that 
I have.  These were within a foot of each other (when originally 
planted) you'd think conditions would be very similar.
One clump had about 4 bulbs in it.  One clump had about 25 bulbs in it (that 
was the one with bulbs on top of the soil).  Needless to say, I divided them 
and replanted (with very little root damage I the roots were only 
4-5 inches and basically non-branched yet) somewhat deeper than originally. 
If in 5 years, all the divisions have multiplied like that ONE, I may be 
donating sternbergias somewhere.  As it is, they're all most welcome in the 
garden.  From previous years, I think only that one clump was mad to 
propagate (and the bulbs are of good size and do flower).

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> Dear Danny:
>                 Your Sternbergias must be moved immediately after 
> flowering is over as bulbs protruding from the ground can't be more 
> different than conditions for these plants in Nature. I have learnt a lot 
> from Angleo Porcelli, a great guy from S. Italy and it was a surprise to 
> learn that Sternbergia (and Pancratium, among many others) have their 
> bulbs very deep in the ground, well over a foot or more. I subsequently 
> adjusted my growing conditions for them and they have done a lot better.
> Regards
> Alberto
> Argentina, zone 9 in winter, zone 10 in summer, year round rains
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