Last Blooms/Colchicum

Floral Architecture
Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:04:43 PDT
I have a few of these blooming at the moment here in OH where I'm working for a few weeks. 

The 'Waterlily' plants that I have planted everywhere are doing well. There is one that is in the shade of a peony. It opens pure white and then fades over a few days to the purple/rose color. I was all excited and I thought that I had a white mutation. Oh well. 

I will be planting more of these next year. 

C. 'Lilac Wonder' has resurfaced and is blooming also. This is the 5th year that it has been in the ground. I am very happy with this one too. It was my first one and as such shall remain my favorite. 

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