Thalia dealbata, native geophyte

Jim McKenney
Sat, 03 Sep 2005 16:16:23 PDT
Joe, it you still have some Thalia left, I would like to try them

Jim McKenney

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Hi Gang,

I treat a lot of plants that I grow as "bulbs" or "bulb-like things."  Yet,
know they are not remotely bulb-like in morphology. 

Thus, I have great fun growing Thalia dealbata, various flowering gingers, 
die-back Heliconia species, elephant ears, cannas, and other odds and ends
in my 
sort-or-wet-bulbs area.  This year the Thalia plants have been especially 
beautiful towering over some elephant years.  Both are near aquatics and I
both in large tubs.  The tall blue leaves of Thalia dealbata, with 5-8 ft. 
flower stalks are truly beautiful when mixed with lower growing plants.  

Thalia is a special treat for me because I took a chance and brought some 
home from a roadside ditch.  I didn't know how well they would do without
permanently wet feet.  They seem happy enough with the tubs as long as they
watered regularly; they sit in a low area of the yard the floods after some 
rains and they really enjoy those wet periods (often enough here near

But, the tubs are dry enough too (pot soil level 15-20 inches above the 
permanent soil), and I can put all sorts of other plants in the tubs
roses, black mondo grass, dryland sedges, even 2-3 Portulaca species (go
So, geophyte, marginal aquatic, water canna or wannabe bulb, Thalia dealbata

grows right along side several Crinum, Colocasia, and small bananas that
the same conditions.  Are bananas geophytes?  Locals call the huge rhizomes 
"banana bulbs."  

I have a few seeds that I will happily send out for S.A.S.E., I'll try to 
send about 8 seeds to each recipient.    Each S.A.S.E envelope will need 2
class stamps because the seeds are pea-sized and I'll wrap them in lots of 
tissue.  Be sure to write a private email to make sure I have seeds left.
year I can only mail in the USA.  


Conroe Joe
(Joe Shaw, Conroe TX,  

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