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Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 02 Sep 2005 07:13:31 PDT
Dear All,

Reading about all the devastation from Hurricane Katrina makes me feel a 
bit guilty about life going on in areas not hit by this disaster. Still I 
guess distracting news is not a bad thing.

As I am repotting I am trying to take pictures of my bulbs, corms, tubers. 
One day I'll get them on the wiki. I don't have the time to do this in a 
way so the results are better. Rodger's recent post on improving digital 
pictures had some excellent suggestions, but that takes time to set up and 
I still have a lot of pots I need to pot and things are already 
growing.  Hopefully people will still be able to get some idea.

On the AB images list Lyn Edwards recently posted a picture of Scoliopus 
bigelovii she is growing in Australia and Alberto promptly wrote it is not 
a geophyte. In the past on this list I noted that the roots of my plants 
didn't look at all like described (short underground stems with numerous 
fleshy storage roots). Mine were like string. I unpotted one to take a 
picture. This year I've watered them all summer so they are "plump". :-) 
Note the grid the roots are on has 1 cm. squares.…

In the past John Bryan asked about the tuber of Canarina canariensis. Bill 
Dijk sent me seed a number of years ago and I shared it with Diana Chapman 
who has been much more successful growing it on. On learning I really 
needed to protect this one from our winter weather while it is growing, I 
moved mine to the greenhouse where they have been much happier, but still 
didn't bloom last year. I'm hoping this year they will. I've kept two 
tubers from the seed I started and the plants looked a bit crowded so I 
dumped them out of their large pot recently. The tubers were huge. 
Hopefully this year I'll see those flowers. Here is a picture of one 
already with new shoots.…

Mary Sue

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