Colchicum in bloom

J.E. Shields
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:20:06 PDT
Hi all,

It's interesting, Mary sue, that my Cochicum have just started to bloom 
too.  C. byzantinum is blooming and one group of C. cilicicum has started 

Also have one hardy clump of Rhodophiala bifida in flower now too.

The Lycoris are almost all gone; only L. caldwellii seem to be hanging on 
in bloom.

Inside the greenhouse, one bulb of Haemanthus coccineus (out of many) is 
about to produce its first ever flower.  These bulbs were grown from seed, 
and not a one has heretofore bloomed.  Of course, this one may not make it 
all the way into full flower; so far only the rosy tips of the bracts are 
peeking out of the neck of the bulb.

Only one of my four "reliable" Haemanthus barkerae is showing the tip of a 
bloom scape.  I guess I should never have bragged how faithfully these four 
bulbs always flower for me!

One of the larger bulbs of a batch of Haemanthus montanus that I bought 
from Dawie Human this year looks like it might be trying to start a 
scape.  Wish me luck!!!

Jim Shields
in central Indiana

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