Last Blooms/Colchicum

Brook Klehm
Sat, 24 Sep 2005 13:00:48 PDT
Hello all,
	Jim's wonderful description of his garden during this glorious season 
brings a question to my mind.
	I'm visiting in Seattle in preparation for relocating this fall.  I've 
been surprised at the quantity of Colchicum I see blooming in front 
yards and along parking strips.  I've never seen so many Colchicum in 
San Francisco Bay Area gardens.  So here's the query: One of the 
Colchicums I see has very narrow tepals, 3/8" wide (what is that, 
~7mm?).  I'm accustomed to seeing wider tepalled Colchicums.  The 
flowers are not doubled as in 'Waterlily', but have tepals reminiscent 
of that plant.  Any idea what these Colchicum might be from this simple 
	I'm far from my own garden right now, and only hope I can get home in 
time to see my own Colchicum and Sternbergia and Lycoris blooming and 
harvest the various grapes in time to may jelly.
Wistfully yours.... Brook

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