Sternbergia lutea division?

John Lonsdale
Tue, 13 Sep 2005 07:20:09 PDT
On Tue, 13 Sep 2005 07:06:45 -0500 "Danny Barron" 
<> wrote:

>My quandary is thus:  I see that the barest 
>tips of the new flowers are emerging now above the lip of 
>the bulb.  Would now be a good time to lift and separate 
>or do you recommend that I wait till the foliage is 
>almost gone in spring ?


Arnold's advice is good.  You can also lift and divide and 
replant now, just make sure you don't damage and dry out 
any of the roots.  I would maybe wait until they have 
finished flowering and do it then, just so you don't mess 
up this season's display.  However, from you description 
it sounds like they'd be fine now anyway.  A number of 
years ago Don Hackenberry sent me home from his garden 
with a number of freshly lifted, just finished flowering, 
Sternbergia sicula and they established perfectly.  I'm 
going to lift and replant this clump shortly, they are 
just emerging now.

On another Sternbergia note, I've been corresponding with 
Helmut Kerndorff about the Crocus biflorus taxa in 
Anatolia and he mentioned Sternbergia schubertii, a 
species he recently rediscovered.  Is anyone growing this?



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