FW: Re: Tulipa saxitilis

Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Fri, 23 Sep 2005 11:11:46 PDT
At 20:45 21-09-2005, Alberto Castillo wrote:
>Hi Steve:
>            I failed to add that all my tulips are always in the (very 
>gritty) ground without ever being lifted. Not that this is a recommended 
>practice but our bulbs are in a southern (cold) exposure on purpose to 
>"collect" cold and as said before, out of direct sun. Give them all a try, 
>you won't regret it, but remember not to bake them.
And in a cool climate like mine (Denmark) I  am forever digging them up when I weed. Often they winter on top of the ground, and then if lying on their sides, send roots down early in spring and eventually right themselves and flower normally. (It  freezes in winter, January and February).

This is because Denmark has the correct climate for tulips and all these cold-climate bulbs, of course.


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