Christophe Bligny
Mon, 12 Sep 2005 12:49:10 PDT
Just few words to introduce myself.I'm executive-chef in a catering scholl with 1500 students in Paris France.I grew orchids during 20 years , and I've discovered a few years ago Pelargonium and Fuchsia .I like the beauty of botanics Pelargonium.I grow them actualy these spécies on my window :
Pélargonium moliconum

Pélargonium fulgidum

Pélargonium trifolatum

Pélargonium aestivale

Pélargonium crithmifolum

Pélargonium tetragonum

Pélargonium sidoides

Pélargonium ardens 

Pélargonium australe

Pélargonium peltatum

Pélargonium acetosum

Pélargonium gibbosum

Pélargonium cotyledonis

Pélargonium splendide

Pélargonium fruitosum

Pélargonium carnosum
Sarcocaulon venderietiae

I found a real pleasure to grow them and think to realise my objectif to conserve the pods and bloom them of course for several years .

I enjoy to need new friends and learn more and more things about Pelargonium.


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