Travel inquiries

Jane McGary
Wed, 07 Sep 2005 09:11:43 PDT
I have two questions to post, unrelated to each other except that both have 
to do with travel.

1. The NARGS is sponsoring a seed-collecting expedition to the Atlas 
Mountains of Morocco in 2006, led by Rod Haenni of Colorado. It is a 
two-part expedition, one trip in spring to scout out the plants, and 
another later in the season to collect seeds. People interested in joining 
either or both trips (which will be strenuous, particularly the later one) 
should contact Rod:

2. I'm interested in visiting Taiwan, just to experience something entirely 
different, and would like advice on the best time to see mountain plants 
(presumably late spring?). I'd also like to know, from those who have been 
there, whether it is unrealistic for a person who does not speak and read 
Mandarin to contemplate traveling there, particularly by car. I'd like to 
make the trip next year and I don't think I could learn to read it by then, 
though I could probably manage speaking (I've studied other tone 
languages). I even thought of hiring a local person, perhaps a college 
student studying botany, as a guide, but it seems so imperialistic!

Jane McGary

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