Arisaema amurense - wiki photos
Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:51:20 PDT
I uploaded two photos to the PBS wiki showing the showy "fruit" structures on 
Arisaema amurense.  

Arisaema amurense is a widespread and diverse species from Asia, China, and 
Korea; the name "amurense" encompassing a variety of synonyms and variants. 
Typically the flowers are green striped with white, or brownish green or even 
dull purplish green, again with white stripes. The flowers are held on short 
stalks below or mingling with the foliage. I posted two photos taken in September 
showing the fruiting stalks. The first shows early fruiting, the "berries" 
still green, with some of them turning orange, and a few bits of foliage left. 
The second view shows the brilliant orange fruits fully exposed as the foliage 
has withered away. The dangling cluster of showy pinkish-red berries is 
Smilacina racemosa, or False Soloman's Seal, a native liliaceous plant here in North 
America (now relegated to the genus Maianthemum).…

For those who want to know more about this easy-to-grow species, and to see 
photos of the flowers, check out the following web links:……

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