Dennis Kramb
Sat, 03 Sep 2005 07:03:00 PDT
At 05:17 PM 9/2/2005, you wrote:
>Dear Dennis;
>Nelumbo lutea is a perennial rhizomatous aquatic herb The rhizome is
>cylindrical, spongy, wide spreading and swollen. Family Nelumbonaceae.
>It is more correctly a hydrophyte. Geophytes, strictly speaking are
>below ground, not water. Cheers, John E. Bryan
>Dennis Kramb wrote:
> >
> > Does Nelumbo lutea classify as a geophyte?
> >
> > Dennis in Cincinnati

Well I got lots of seed ripening out there, and I hate to see them go to 
waste.  I remember how hard seeds were to come by when I wanted to add this 
wildflower to my garden.  Maybe this is my chance to return the favor, and 
donate some to the PBS-BX?  Hmm...

Dennis in Cincinnati

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