Iris louisiana
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:54:54 PDT
There are some re blooming L A iris but as Dennis has said, most are  not.  
They are coming from US hybridizers as well as Australia.  At  the time you 
purchase them you find out if they are remondant.  In the  future, look for known 
re-bloomers to purchase.  Of course, while looking  you will see gorgeous 
photos of non re blooming iris you really want.  I  plant the re bloomers  
together in areas of the garden where I can treat  them differently.  After the 
first or regular bloom is finished, you  continue watering and fertilizing more so 
than with the others.
To try and force a non-re blooming iris would confuse the plant, if you  
succeed, it would also weaken the plant for next years bloom.
Among the bearded hybridized iris there are lots of re blooming iris  now.  I 
have over 100 in my garden.
Carolyn in Los GAtos, CA with over 1000 irises.

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