Last Blooms/Colchicum

Jane McGary
Sat, 24 Sep 2005 17:49:20 PDT
Brook asked:

One of the
>Colchicums I see has very narrow tepals, 3/8" wide (what is that,
>~7mm?).  I'm accustomed to seeing wider tepalled Colchicums.  The
>flowers are not doubled as in 'Waterlily', but have tepals reminiscent
>of that plant.

It may be simply C. autumnale, the normal form from which 'Waterlily' is a 
sport. Other commonly grown colchicums with narrow tepals include C. 
cilicicum, C. x agrippinum (which is heavily checkered), and C. laetum. For 
a common garden plant in Seattle, the most likely are C. autumnale and C. 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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