Off Topic: Hurricane Rita

P. C. Andrews
Tue, 27 Sep 2005 18:23:21 PDT
Joe- Thanks for the update.  I've been thinking about Marcelle this summer.  
I've had quite a number of her crinum bloom this year after planting them 
out in October 2003.  Please let us know when you hear news of Marcelle and 
Phil Andrews

PS- I agree, nothing is tougher than a crinum (except maybe Zephyranthes)- 
I've had them take a Cat 5 that leaves them ragged and they've always come 
back.    Zephyranthes just retreat underground and then bloom their heads 
off a few days later.

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From:  <i></i><br>Reply-To:  <i>Pacific Bulb Society 
<i></i><br>Subject:  <i>[pbs] Off Topic: Hurricane 
Rita</i><br>Date:  <i>Tue, 27 Sep 2005 19:02:38 EDT</i><br>&gt;Hi 
Gang,<br>&gt;<br>&gt;I saw an aerial photo in one of today's newspapers 
showing several destroyed<br>&gt;homes in Vidor, TX.  I could help but worry 
about my friends there, among them<br>&gt;Marcelle Sheppard and Margie 
Brown.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;I visited with both, just a week ago, on Tuesday, 
September 20, when<br>&gt;Hurricane Rita was still only a possibility.  
Marcelle had been home from about a<br>&gt;3-month stay in the hospital for 
a broken pelvis and some broken ribs.  An earlier<br>&gt;storm (this year) 
had weekend a tree that fell on her as she exited a car for<br>&gt;a church 
function.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;So, Marcelle was home and wheeling in her chair 
like a happy kid; she could<br>&gt;also get about on a walker.  Margie, just 
a few miles away, has been a longtime<br>&gt;Gulf Gardener, and often 
planted many of Marcelle's special Crinum, rainlily,<br>&gt;or Hippeastrum 
hybrids--to grow them out and to help Marcelle judge 
garden<br>&gt;performance under different conditions.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Now, 
for sure, the storm has devastated their towns.  There is really no 
way<br>&gt;to get in to visit them or to know how they are doing.  Surely, 
they got to<br>&gt;safety in time, and from the reports I'm getting they 
will not have been allowed<br>&gt;to return to their homes yet.  In any 
event, much of the area is without<br>&gt;electricity and temperatures have 
hovered near 100 F all week.  Southeast Texas is<br>&gt;no place to be 
without air conditioning.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;In time I hope to hear good news 
from Marcelle and Margie, that their houses<br>&gt;were spared, and that 
their gardens remained mostly intact (how could anything<br>&gt;pull a big 
old Crinum out of the ground?).  But, I also know that the wind<br>&gt;could 
have damaged their greenhouses, or blown away Marcelle's seed crop for 
the<br>&gt;year, or totally leveled their homes.  I wish them 
luck.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;LINK 1:  Marcelle's 
2:  Crinums in East Texas:  Notes From Marcelle 
Joe<br>&gt;(100 F today [38 C], humid and sunny, Oxblood lilies in full 
bloom for 2-3<br>&gt;weeks 

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