Nerine Sarnienses Hybrids

Matt Mattus
Mon, 19 Sep 2005 05:27:34 PDT
Hi Bill

I will check, I did find the abstract on-line since it was a year ago that I
downloaded it. My membership needs to be renewed, but if you wish to join
Acta Horticulurae it is available there, since I just double checked the
abstract, which is free, so it is still available.

This information came from an Israli study by H. Lilien-kipnis, entitiled
(for the cut flower industry). From, my memory, I believe that the article
did not specify which Amaryllids also held this habit, however, it did speak
to the fact that this is a problem facing commercial Nerine growers in
Israel and the discovery of damage caused to inflorescence buds at a
particular developmental stage during the long period between floral bud
initiation and antheses.
I believe that Alan Meerow may have some information weather this also
occurs with Eucrosia species and perhaps Griffinia, other "fussy" bloomers
in Amaryllidaceae.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
USDA Zone 5

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> << On another note, I read in a research paper how Nerine sarnienses as well
> as
> some other Amaryllids, form up to three years worth of flower buds inside
> the bulbs, >>
> Matt, 
> Do you know which genera those other amaryllids are?
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