COLCHICUMS in wet summer

Arnold Trachtenberg
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 15:09:46 PDT
I have grown about thirty different colchicums in wet humid summers here 
in  New Jersey about 100 miles north of Jim M.  I have planted them in 
garden soil augmented with at least 50% grit by volume.  The drainage is 
excellent and they have multiplied nicely.  It seems the flowers are 
more robust as time goes by with more and larger blooms on most.  The 
foliage persists in the first part of the summer dying back around late 
June to July.  I cover the bare ground in fall after blooms have all 
faded with evergreen boughs   over dried leaves to hold them in place.  
I usually don't water the area in summers but we get a good amount of 
rain fall, except for this year.  The drought has prevented the falling 
over of the blooms which is possibly one of the only draw backs to 
growing colchicums other than the large cabbage like foliage which comes 
up in spring.

New Jersey

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