Dennis Kramb
Tue, 06 Sep 2005 10:08:50 PDT
Iris anguifuga from China does something similar.  It's pretty unique in 
the iris world!

Dennis in Cincinnati

At 12:07 PM 9/6/2005, you wrote:
>Dear All
>John Lonsdale asked "When does the stolon become a corm?".
>Several species of geophytes, including certain species of lilies, will
>produce a stolon and at the end of the stolon form a corm, or in the
>case of Lilium, form a true bulb. Lilium wardii is an example, another
>is L. lankongense which sometime will travel as much as 12 inches by
>means of a stolon and then form a bulb. Consequently a bed of this
>species will soon double in size. Cheers, John E. Bryan
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