pbs Digest, Vol 32, Issue 20

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Sun, 18 Sep 2005 12:00:46 PDT
Hi Gang,

I guess it is Lycoris aurea, but I can't remember when I planted it, or where 
I got it.  I just noticed the scape today, about 24 inches tall, peeking up 
between some azaleas.   I'm glad I planted and will take better note of it this 
next year.  

I do remember trading some bulbs with friends, and planting them here and 
there in the flower and shrub beds.  One big disappointment has been Lycoris 
squamigera.  The plants grow well enough, but in 4 years about 15-20 bulbs have 
put out only 1 or 2 bloom stalks.  I think winter is just too warm here; winter 
lows have been about 23-25 F, and then only once or twice a winter.  

In addition to some other odds and ends of Lycoris, and the ever present L. 
radiata, I have L. springeri.   It sat for a couple of years, and then bloomed 
this past year; maybe it will repeat soon.  Who knows, this may be the fall 
the L. squamigera put out a show.  


Conroe Joe

No rain for a while, 95 F for, still warm evenings

Formosa lily blooming again along with some Crinum, including C. asiaticum 
and a xdigweedii-type.  

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