Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:40:48 PDT
we are brutal when divide agapanthus here in So.California. I divide them up
like daylilies. The potato fork method or just start pulling them apart.
Sometimes I lose some of the smaller ones but the rest divide well. We can
hardly give them away here they are so prolific.
Terence Hernstrom
Kimberly Crest House& Gardens
Redlands Ca.

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I purchased an Agapanthus "Ellamae" from Plant Delights two years ago
and it flowered the first year outside here in Northern NJ.  I place it
on the patio in the summer and under an east facing window in the
winter.  It has thrived beyond description.  I took it outside to size
up for repotting and separating the twelve plants that were one  initially.

Pulling the root ball out of the pot I said "something ate the soil".
There was a massive root ball and barely a hint of potting soil.

Question, how to separate the twelve plants.  Seems to me to be
impossible to do it without tearing or cutting some of the root mass.

Advice please!

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