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    I grow 'Brazen Hussy' too and it is a bit of a thug.  
Everytime I dig it up, it returns!

===>Yes, 'Brazen Hussy' is moving out and about. But its dark leaves  make it 
not nearly as prominent as some of the other fast-moving ranunculus.  

But 'Buttered Popcorn' did not survive. The  typical has 
thuggish properties so wondered about this 'new to me  species'.
Hate to add another 'weed' to the garden, but in my  climate 
things need some vigor just to survive.
===>R. 'Buttered Popcorn' was a gift from a local friend, and although  it 
has not yet bloomed for me, it is already spreading out. I'll be keeping a  
close watch on it.
Bill Lee


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