Ipheion "Grab Bag"

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Fri, 14 Apr 2006 08:08:52 PDT

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>Dear Dave;
>	I replied privately, but I know Ipheion do great in Cal. I
>recall sending some 'Alberto Castillo'  to Lee years ago and he soon
>had them in vast quantity.
>	I'd sure be glad to hear from the 'real' Albero Castillo
>about getting some other new, different Ipheion into cultivation.
>	Alberto, do you have any pictures of these 'hidden beauties'?
>		Best	Jim W.

Dear Jim:
             Several outstanding Ipheion hybrids produced here were intended 
to be distributed by the firm Lauw de Jager firm. Due to several unfortunate 
circumstances this has not been possible so far but I trust they will be 
this same month. Three of them are the size of my namesake.
             Tony has several hybrids of great interest (please do not write 
him asking for them!!!).
              Finally, please people, do not distribute seed of these and 
other peculiar forms as this has led to almost the loss of the real thing in 
a number of genera like Nerine, Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, among others.

All the best

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