A Tiny Success

blweintraub1@earthlink.net blweintraub1@earthlink.net
Sun, 02 Apr 2006 23:23:09 PDT
I bought a single Erythronium hendersonii at a NARGS meetings some time ago. Since then, leaves have shown up briefly in early spring and disappeared within a week. 

It is finally blooming this year! I found one deeply-colored bloom today with another on its way. This occurrence is all the more amazing for the serious drought in New Mexico this winter. I soaked that part of the garden last week, but that and two recent days of light snow are all the moisture  the garden has received since fall. 

Since the color is so much deeper than the photos on the wiki, it might be worth adding one if someone can help me post it.

Barbara Weintraub
Santa Fe, New Mexico
6700' elevation

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