Bulbs that hold up to stormy weather

Angela and Dean Offer angelasgarden@bigpond.com
Mon, 03 Apr 2006 21:34:44 PDT
That is very interesting, it must be different here.  I grow the single late
tulips and they seem to be the only thing that stands up to hail (they just
close up and sit it out).
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> Hi,
> Between storms for a few minutes at the moment as it seems to have stopped
> raining so we are probably in the scattered showers period for the rest of
> the day. So I went out to look at my soggy garden to see what looked the
> best. My experience with Tulipa is that it does fine with rain until it
> starts to bloom and after that the flowers fall over and sometimes some of
> the petals fall off and hail pock marks them. Perhaps it is dry for Angela
> when they bloom or they just behave differently. The new Anemone from Jane
> that she says should be in every California garden, A. palmata, looks
> and so do a couple of Fritillaria. Gladiolus tristis is doing better that
> would have expected although some of the flowers are no longer erect.
> Chasmanthe bicolor looks all right, at least from a distance. It is still
> standing. Allium hyalinum (one pot blooming since December) still looks
> fine. Narcissus bulbocodium is presentable and a tall Triteleia ixioides
> looks good from a distance. Not all the flowers look good close up. Some
> Muscari doesn't look too bad but the flowering stalks that have been
> blooming for awhile are not as attractive. Perhaps that would be the same
> without the rain by now. I find some of my Romuleas will look good between
> storms if we have a sunny day, but not all. Since my Moraea  (Homeria sub
> group) flowers sometimes for a couple months with each flower lasting a
> couple of days, it will be fine on those days we don't have rain. Many of
> my South African bulbs that normally bloom in March and April will be
> pretty much a miss--Sparaxis, Ixia, Freesia, some Lachenalias, some
> Moraeas. Even though the Tritonias usually come later they are not looking
> good and my Ferraria is a bit sad too. I had some nice blooms of Babiana
> when we had a dry period in February, but the ones trying to bloom now are
> ruined. Some of my Delphinums are holding their own and some of the
> Cyclamen although other Cyclamen have sick leaves.
> I can at least be glad that we haven't had as much rain as Kathy (YET). I
> remember those years when we got 90-100+ inches of rain and it wasn't fun.
> Wish we could share with some of you in drought conditions.
> Mary Sue
> Mary Sue Ittner
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