Calochortus tolmiei, Muscari 'Saffier'

Jim McKenney
Thu, 20 Apr 2006 16:27:17 PDT
I've added two images to the wiki this evening. 


The first is of Calochortus tolmiei, a species already well represented on
the wiki. But I was so excited about this flower that I had to add one more.
This image is taken at a stage and from an angle which suggests that the
Calochortus is a highly sanitized, PG-13 version of Dracunculus muscivorus.
Take a look at:…


Last fall we had a discussion about Muscari 'Saffier". I planted some bulbs,
they were true to name, and a photo appears at:…


This is one Muscari you are not likely to confuse with another. I count it
among the garden-worthy members of the genus. 


Jim McKenney

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where Calochortus 'Cupido' is
in full bloom too along with many Fritillaria, Tulipa, Trillium, Muscari,
tree peonies, early herbaceous peonies and two Acis (trichophylla and
nicaeensis). Dichelostemma volubile is snaking its way up anything it can
grab on  to. 

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