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Fri, 14 Apr 2006 23:44:08 PDT
I have as much trouble from Ranunculus ficaria subsp. bulbilifer as anyone,
but I go on obtaining and planting the numerous cultivars and selections -
would hate to be without them.

Yesterday, for the first time this year, we had a really lovely day. I had
to go to see a man about a book near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire,
necessitating a journey on smaller country roads. In several places I was
struck by the beauty of the golden sheets of celandines on the verges - a
truly gorgeous sight rivalling displays of more exalted bulbous plants.

We returned home by another route, the so-called Ross Spur motorway (M50).
When built this caused controversy for slicing through populations of wild
daffodils (Narcissus pseudonarcissus), and rescue parties were organised,
etc. although the construction period was no doubt painful, the daffodils
have responded heroically, and there are now great swathes of them along the
side of the motorway, for several miles. More can be glimpsed in the fields
and woods adjacent, although most of the fields are ploughed and the
daffodils long gone. The regular scrub clearance and general open aspect of
the motorway banks obviously suits the daffodils very well.

John Grimshaw

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> I must inject a bit of exoneration for the wild form of Ranunculus
> In natural and waste areas, like along our stream, it is very cheerful at
> this time of the year, and the deer don't eat it! For fans of Tolkien, I
> think of it as the golden star shaped flower that grows in Lothlorien. I
> appreciate a thug that can stand up to the appetites of deer and the feet
> children and the juggernaut machines of maintenance goons.
> Dell

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