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Dennis Kramb
Sat, 01 Apr 2006 05:51:01 PST
At 10:10 PM 3/31/2006, you wrote:
>Jim -
>Here in Cincinnati we are experiencing the same situation with deer.
>But I don't think it will be coyote chasing the deer here, I think it will 
>be bear. In Boone County, Kentucky, just south of here, bears have been 
>reported the last couple years.
>The should prove to be VERY exciting when they move into the neighborhood!
>Linda W.
>who lives 3 miles, as the crow flies, from the center of the downtown 
>Cincinnati area and wishes the county and city parks would cull their herds.

Cooool!!  I never knew bears were so close.  I've heard of them in SE Ohio, 
but not near Cincinnati.  I guess it's been a hundred years or more since 
they lived 'round these here parts.  I can think of worse things to have 
around than bears.  Like lions and tigers, oh my!

Dennis in Cincinnati (well, Liberty Twp, Butler Co., to be precise, where 
the only local bears are the grumpy two-legged kind)

PS: Did I mention my email address is  :-)

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