Tulip delight - T. sylvestris

Dell Sherk dells@voicenet.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:26:38 PDT
It's a deal. And I'll dig some of the ones that are indeed growing in the
woods here, and maybe we'll get some genetic diversity from the lot. And
lest I forget, the fragrance is great.

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>In one of those gardens I saw a huge patch of Tulipa sylvestris which
>covered several square yards. There were very few flowers but hundreds,
>maybe thousands, of single leaves.
>In my own garden, Tulipa whittallii and Tulipa clusiana chrysantha behave
>the same way. They form dense mats of single leaves with few flowers.

Dear Jim, Dell et al;
	Exactly my situation. These shade bulbs are quite small- 
finger nail size, but transferred to a sunny site and they produce 
larger blooming plants. I haven't dug one of these sun-growing bulbs, 
but assume they get bigger too.

	Jim how about a deal- Let's both send some bulbs to Dell for 
the bulb exchange. I do have dozens - hundreds? Just a bit of a pain 
to dig.

	......and I'd love to let loose T. whittallii and clusiana 
chrysantha here too. Go weeds!

		Jim W.
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