IBSA Bulb & Corm Symposium

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:39:27 PDT
Dear All,

I don't think anyone has written on this list about the IBSA Bulb & Corm 
Symposium scheduled for August 28 to September 1 2006 in South Africa. I 
know that there are a number of us from this list who plan to attend and I 
am so looking forward to renewing friendships and seeing again people who 
live far away from me. I think it is a testimony to the excellence of the 
last symposium that so many of us who went then are returning.

For those of you who are new to our list since I last sent out an 
enthusiastic endorsement of IBSA,  IBSA stands for the Indigenous Bulb 
Association of South Africa. This group meets monthly in Cape Town for 
talks and to bring their plants for display. I am always envious when I get 
the notice of the meetings and read about what happened at the last 
meeting. They also put out a first rate journal once a year, edited by 
Rachel Saunders. Many months along with the notice of meetings is a "Bulb 
Chat" always full of interesting tidbits. In 2003 they had another Bulb 
Symposium which my husband and I attended. The first two days we listened 
to speakers and the next two and a half days went on buses to looks at 
plants in the wild. The symposium was very well organized and the speakers 
quite good. We loved the field trips and all the opportunities to visit 
with people who shared our interests. The symposium was held at the Goudini 
Spa which has hot springs and hot swimming pools. In 2003 they were having 
an unusually cold spell with snow on the mountains and cold/sometimes wet 
days. It made the mountains really beautiful, but meant that we all had to 
be really creative trying to keep warm. I'm bringing my hot water bottle 
and long underwear just in case there is a repeat this year although I 
understand the weather could be much warmer.

The format for this symposium is similar. There will be several days of 
speakers and several days chasing after plants in bloom. How many we see 
will depend on how much winter rain they get, but there were a lot of fires 
in the Cape last year so with a little luck we might have some nice 
displays. Regardless, the chance to talk with people in South Africa about 
their native plants and with all of us fanatics who try to grow them will 
for me be worth the trip.

The cost of this Symposium is $500 USD for one and $450 each USD for shared 
accommodation. This includes accommodation, transport for the field days, 
and meals. If you are interested please contact me privately and I can give 
you more details. It's past time for a deposit, but perhaps one of the IBSA 
officers on this list can tell us if it is still possible to attend.

Mary Sue

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