Tipsy bulbs

Fri, 07 Apr 2006 22:25:10 PDT
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> Hi,
> I've received this link from a couple of people about feeding plants
> whisky, in this case Narcissus, to keep them dwarf or prevent them from
> getting too tall and floppy. It reminded me of some of our mealy bug
> discussions. Anyone tried this?
> <…>…
> This experiment was on potted plants and it doesn't really say whether the
> plants had more than one drink. Do you suppose a shot of whisky would help
> them hold their heads up in the rain?
> Mary Sue
> Where we may go two whole days without rain so that I got to see a few
> Sparaxis  and Moraea villosa in bloom after all and  a few Tulipa
> batalinii. Rain is forecast for sometime Friday.
> Mary Sue Ittner
> California's North Coast
> Wet mild winters with occasional frost
> Dry mild summers
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>Interesting, but generally this is used for cut flowers to revive them when 
>they get a bit droopy.  Works wonders, but I'd hate to drop it on a pet 
>rooted Camellia seedling in a pot or in the ground.

    Shirley Meneice 

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