Frits which don't bloom
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:01:07 PDT
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Fritillaria persica seems a bit more tolerant. But when I read that Jim 
Waddick has F. persica coming back and blooming sometimes, I really perked up: I've 
never been able to establish it here as a garden plant. 
Jim ~

I was successful with this when we lived in Minnesota.  I had it growing 
outside of my home office windows under the wide overhang and fairly close to the 
foundation.  The soil was quite sandy.  I did water it from time to time 
before it bloomed and, perhaps, once or twice before it died back.  In Summer and 
facing south, I would imagine that location, when the outside temps were in the 
low to mid nineties, the soil surrounding the bulb probably got pretty warm 
as it wasn't mulched in any, except for the Winter.  Because of the overhang it 
got no moisture from the time it died back until very late Fall when I gave 
it some before freeze up and covering over with mulch.   I had it grow and 
bloom for several years under this regimen and it probably grows there still.

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, Oregon

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