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Fri, 14 Apr 2006 07:27:53 PDT

I am surprised to hear that Ranuculus ficaria 'Brazzen Hussey' is a thug 
there.  So, how thuggish is it...inquiring minds want to know?  We have 
been growing it for 15 years and it grows and flowers well, but have 
never even had enough to even offer it for sale.  We get a few 
seedlings, but sure wish for more.   All of the cultivars that we have 
grown have behaved well, while the straight species is indeed a terrible 

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James Waddick wrote:

>Dear Bill;
>	I grow 'Brazen Hussy' too and it is a bit of a thug. 
>Everytime I dig it up, it returns!
>	But 'Buttered Popcorn' did not survive. The typical has 
>thuggish properties so wondered about this 'new to me species'.
>	Hate to add another 'weed' to the garden, but in my climate 
>things need some vigor just to survive.
>		Thanks	Jim W.

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