Lions and Tigers and BEARS, oh my.

Angela and Dean Offer
Sat, 01 Apr 2006 16:17:23 PST
We do not have guns here - not allowed to have them - I think this is a
wonderful place- one pull on the trigger, perhaps lots of regrets
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> >We have lots of bears here on the Oregon coast.
> >They do not bother the deer.
> >The deer eat what they want.
> >So do the bear.
> >So fencing in very important to save your crops of anything.
> >Need a combination of solid and electric.
> >Sam
> **We have bears, mountain lions, porcupine, raccoons, fox, and deer
> here on the North NoCal coast.
> We do NOT shoot them. We're in their territory, they're not in ours.
> Maude the deer and her grown up babies are just part of our lives. We
> cage the trees and grown things intensively so they have some and we
> have some left.
> We do have guns here, but mostly for if we have to go out at night to
> protect the chickens (who are in secure house, but....).
> The bears hit the orchard, so do the raccoons and the porcupine. (So
> do the birds and I don't shoot them.)
> The deer eat lots of kinds of things in the front, even those plants
> considered deer proof.
> In the back we have wood rats, gophers, mice and who knows what. They
> eat a lot of stuff too.
> We live with them and do the best we can.
> s.
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