Tulip delight - T. sylvestris

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 27 Apr 2006 06:05:41 PDT
Lee wrote:

>I've tried T. sylvestris, but it never endures. This may be because it
>doesn't like growing in pots for more than a few seasons.

Dear Lee et al;
	I can't imagine growing T. sylvestris in a pot. It is one of 
my favorite 'weeds'. Let me explain.

	A friend gave me a few bulbs a number of years ago and said 
they do 'best' in shade so I planted them there. Well they sure GROW 
well in shade. I have a "sod" of tulip foliage 1 or 2 leaves per 
bulb, but few flowers.  After transplanting to a sunnier site they 
produce plants 4 times the size with nice size bright yellow flowers.
	In shade they are actively stoloniferous and have invaded the 
lawn and wandered around a shady spot. In sun they are well behaved, 
multiply modestly and bloom regularly.

	In both sites they are trouble free, but they do move around, 
a behavior that suggests they'd be unhappy confined to a pot. On the 
other hand, in the ground there they might escape your property if 
they grow as exuberantly in your mild climate as say 'Ipheion'.

	Ths is one of the few tulips to do so well in shade.

		best	Jim W.
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