Roy Sachs
Sun, 30 Apr 2006 16:40:51 PDT
>I purchased an Agapanthus "Ellamae" from Plant Delights two years ago
>and it flowered the first year outside here in Northern NJ.  I place it
>on the patio in the summer and under an east facing window in the
>winter.  It has thrived beyond description.  I took it outside to size
>up for repotting and separating the twelve plants that were one  initially.
>Pulling the root ball out of the pot I said "something ate the soil". 
>There was a massive root ball and barely a hint of potting soil.
>Question, how to separate the twelve plants.  Seems to me to be
>impossible to do it without tearing or cutting some of the root mass.
>Advice please!

Arnold:  I don't know about that cultivar, but I do know have 
experience with some agapanthus that I have growing; they didn't 
(don't) mind tearing and hacking at all...that's the only way I 
increase and spread them.  Except for a giant white that I grow, the 
others seem to be a tangled mass of roots and bulb/cormlets.


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