Tulip delights, Tulipa 'Little Princess' & T. batalinii

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Mon, 24 Apr 2006 12:13:30 PDT
On Apr 23, 2006, at 6:48 PM, Antennaria@aol.com wrote:
> Thanks for sharing the photographic journal of Tulipa 'Little 
> Princess'.
> It's fun to see who the same cultivar grows in very different parts of 
> the world,
> in very different climates.  Your plants look striking, and definitely 
> a bit
> darker red than mine... surely based on climatic differences.  Will 
> you need
> to give them a "chill treatment" each year to get them to bloom.  How 
> do you
> chill them and for how long?

I never chill this cultivar and it blooms every year here in the 
Pasadena area of southern California. I've had it blooming for at least 
ten years.

--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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