Fritillaria persica etc.

Jane McGary
Sat, 08 Apr 2006 16:16:16 PDT
Jim Waddick in the Midwest wrote,
         And as an aside, I had a single bloom this spring on F.
>pudica. I got this bulb from Jane McG., but wasn't really very
>confidant that I could grow it here. It had a single bloom on a
>single stem and it was a lovely bright clear yellow color- as
>advertised, but disappointingly minute in size. Like my little finger
>nail in diameter. I was lucky to have even 'found' it.

If subjected to weather stress, F. pudica can produce atypically small 
flowers. However, it is quite cold-hardy as a plant -- those I distribute 
mostly originated from a population in the mountains of eastern Oregon 
where temperatures around zero F are not uncommon.

Jane McGary

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