Frits which don't bloom

Jane McGary
Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:35:40 PDT
Regarding the commercially available fritillarias, I received bulbs of a 
decidedly inferior form of F. persica as 'Adiyaman' some years ago from a 
Dutch bulb importer. However, it is an excellent garden plant, increasing 
into clumps and blooming no matter what the weather. I do have seedlings of 
the true 'Adiyaman' in my bulb frames; their flowers are 3 times the size 
of the poor form.

As for F. imperialis, having observed the performance of purchased 
Dutch-grown bulbs here (where the climate is more suitable for them than 
Jim McKenney's mid-Atlantic climate), I suspect that most of the commercial 
stocks are afflicted with virus. The plants emerge distorted and do not 
persist in the garden. I've recently bought what appear to be healthy 
plants from Janis Ruksans, and I also flowered a seedling this year (after 
6 years from sowing). Seed rarely seems viable in this species. I wish some 
wild-collected seed would become available, but since this is an Iranian 
plant, politics would seem to preclude that.

I'd be interested to correspond with anyone who has a long-established 
healthy colony of F. imperialis (any form), with an eye toward exchanging 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon,USA


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