deer and coyotes in yiour garden

Adam Fikso
Sat, 01 Apr 2006 11:18:50 PST
Hello all.  Just a point of some importance.  Coyotes are not likely to 
chase deer. They do not prey on deer.  Their most usual largest game is 
rabbits, but most usual  is the common vole, mice, rats,snakes, frogs, 
ground-nesting birds such as the killdeer, etc.  Wolves and coyotes do not 
share the same ecological niche. Coyotes wil take out Fifi or FooFoo if s/he 
is chained in the yard, weighs less than about 16 lbs. and the owner is not 
around.  Sometimes coyotes will hunt in a pack of 4 or 5 which has happened 
near here in suburbs a bit further west of Glenview, IL., where a number of 
small  crossbreeds such as Schnoodles (schnauzer/poodle cross) have been 
killed. Adam in Glenview 

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