Hardiness of ixia and Sparaxis

Fred Biasella fbiasella@watertownsavings.com
Tue, 04 Apr 2006 12:39:55 PDT
Hello Adam and All,

In my Boston MA garden zone 6b, of the South African bulbs I have, the
following have over-wintered and seem to be coming back nicely: Nerine
bowdenii and two hybrid sarniensis, Amaryllis belladonna, Eucomis cosmosa
and a purple cosmosa hybrid, Crinum bulbispermun, Gladiolus tristis.

I also have Hippeastrum johnsonii and Rhodophiala bifida coming back.

They were all covered with salt marsh hay for the winter, some snow cover
and not much else.

None of this is attributed to my garden skills, it's all up to Mother Nature
and the gardener in the sky.

Warm Regards,
Fred Biasella

P.S. I'm so glad it finally rained, I was getting a little concerned.


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Hello All: Has anyone had any experience growing Ixia and/or Sparaxis 
through the year under zone 5 or 6 conditions?  Other South African 
Roggeveld or Bokkeveld plants?  I've carried a few Kniphopfia through the 
winter now for 4 years that I got from Ellen Hornig--working on Crinum 
bulbispermum, Agapanthus and  a few gladioli. Considering Eucomis.   Would 
appreciate any anecdotal information or best guesses.    Regards, Adam in 
Glenview, IL 

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