Boophone disticha

Ronald Redding
Sat, 08 Apr 2006 14:18:15 PDT
Mary Sue

Could I have a copy please I just potted into individual pots disticha and  
haemanthoides into individual pots yesterday (one year olds) I also have a 
fairly large disiticha?!!

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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>Subject: Re: [pbs] Boophone disticha
>Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2006 12:14:33 -0700
>I'm growing some of these from seed. I don't know if I'll live longer
>enough to see them bloom. Someone asked awhile ago for long lived bulbs and
>I don't think anyone answered. My understanding from a conversation with
>Cameron and Rhoda in South Africa was that Boophone bulbs can be very long
>lived and get very large. I separated some in a communal pot I think it was
>late last summer. None of them died. It seemed to me that there were going
>to be set back whenever I did it and eventually would need more room so
>doing it when the roots weren't as tangled made sense to me. My still young
>plants haven't ever gone completely dormant. Since this species usually
>grows on a  summer growing cycle, but can grow on a winter cycle depending
>on when it gets rain in the wild,  I'm trying to convince mine that winter
>is when they want to grow so IF it ever stops raining, am going to withhold
>water and see what happens.
>I purchased a bulb of Boophone haemanthoides from Telos Rare Bulbs (prices
>much more reasonable than Paul Christian and I know the grower is very
>careful) and it is definitely a winter grower that loses its leaves in
>summer. A couple of weeks ago when Nan asked about Boophone I found I had
>saved an introduction by Rhoda about this genus from another list. It has a
>lot of helpful information so anyone growing this genus who is interested
>in a copy please contact me privately and I will email it.
>Mary Sue
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