Ipheion "Grab Bag" or yer pays yer money but ya don't get yer cherce!

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Thu, 13 Apr 2006 20:00:43 PDT
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Ipheion 'Jessie' is supposed to be a new cv -dark blue-violet from 'Rolf 
Fiedler'. Does anyone grow it yet?  I am a big  Ipheion fan with 'Alberto 
Castillo' and 'Charlette Bishop' putting on shows right now.

Jim ~

I'm a fan of Ipheion, too, and find the blinding whiteness of 'Alberto 
Castillo' to be the bees knees.  Don't know where you found this one, i.e., 
'Jessie,' but if it is in Vinisky's catalog, I'd strongly suggest "caveat emptor"!!  I 
fell for the damned thing last year (to my regret) for $13.00 and find that 
it isn't even as good as 'Wisley Blue'!  I have no idea what the original is 
supposed to be, but Christian is also listing it and I'd tread carefully there, 
as well., but if want to split an order (1/2 doz), I could probably be cajoled 
into trying yet again . . . 

Read problem is that Alberto has a number of very fine hybrids that are still 
sitting in Argentina because he won't export.  I told him I'd assume the 
liability if he wanted to send me some "souvenirs of Argentina."  Never heard 
back.  Lauw deJager said he'd be willing to send some on to me when they 
multiplied a bit to give him a starter stock, but he needs the bulbs/corms from 
Castillo.  So there!

Dave Karnstedt

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