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> Dear all,
> I just returned from Wisley gardens, where Paul Cumbleton, member of this 
> form, very kindly
> showed me around his bulb collection. It was  the first time I visited the
> garden at this period of the year and it appeared to be one of the best
> times.  At first John showed us the exhibition showhouse with the pots in
> flower are regularly presented. The amount of species in flower was so
> overwhelming that it is too much to mention all. There collection of
> Scilla-chiniodoxa was most impressive (the pot of Chinio-scilla allenii 
> was
> particularly beautiful.)  Then we proceded to the newly equiped alpine 
> house
> where  the pots are grown. in raised plunged beds. The roof can be closed
> during adverse weather conditions,  but normally remains open. One house 
> was
> almost exclusevily dedicated to Cyclamens.  C Coum, pseudibericum, 
> persicum
> were on full flower. Another house contained  almost , exclusively south
> african bulbs such as Tritonia, Moraea, Gladiolus, Lachenalia.
> in the parc  Galanthus was  virtually terminated, Crocus  flowering in 
> large
> carpets amongst the grass.  Narcissus  generally just starting, but
> featuring   brillantly were N bulbicodium and cyclamineus.
> A most agreable recommendable bulb experience
> Lauw de Jager
> Visiting  England
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> From: "John Grimshaw" <j.grimshaw@virgin.net>
>> The hybrid xChionoscilla allenii is often perfectly fertile and can sow
>> itself abundantly, as it does in my parents' garden, with seedlings
>> varying
>> quite a bit.

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