Fritillaria persica 'Adiyaman'

James Waddick
Fri, 07 Apr 2006 15:34:02 PDT
Dear All;
	I have three clumps of F. persica from the same source. All 
have produced multiple stems, but are uneven about bloom. This year 
of the three one clump has 8-10 stems and no flowers, 4 ft away is 
another clump with a dozen stems all in bloom. The third has 4-6 
stems in bloom. None bloomed last year, but all did the year before.

	I have a single stem of what I believe is Fritillaria persica 
'Adiyaman'. How can I tell if it is so? This isolated plant has 
always had a single stem and always blooms. The flowers are larger, 
slightly lighter in color with a richer red tone than my other F. 
persica. I think it is more upright and straight, but since the 
others are in dense clumps, their stems push out in all directions.

	Is this 'Adiyaman'?

	And speaking of F. persica... does anyone grow 'Ivory Bells'? 
The price is coming down low enough for me to get serious. Is it any 
more sensitive than typical? Any special needs? and especially is it 
really white or just pale.

		Thanks for the help.		Jim W.

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