Bulb and seed sources

Geoffrey Barnier coffeecamp@optusnet.com.au
Sun, 30 Apr 2006 12:39:07 PDT
Hi Adam,

I bought from JJA Seeds in January this year 3 species of Tulbaghia (galpinii, leucantha & ludwigiana) & not one of them germinated.

At the same time I also bought 3 species of Albuca (fastigiata var. floribunda, humilis & rupestris) & as a bonus Jim Archibald gave me a packet of A. shawii.  Only A. fastigiata var. floribunda & A. rupestris germinated.  I had no trouble germinating A. humilis & A. shawii obtained from other suppliers & I used the same sowing methods.

Blandifordia punicea & Arisaema wilsonii seed from the Archibalds are yet to germinate although I don't hold much hope for the Blandifordia.

I believe that much of the Archibalds' seed is too old & is no longer viable.  Pity.  Your "They were collected about 3 years ago" seems to confirm this.

What do other members do in this situation? Ask the seller to do a viability test on their seed?


Geoffrey Barnier
Subtropical NSW, Australia

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 A rather large list of bulb and seed sources is at Great Lakes Bulb Society. 
 Type it into your browser and the list shows up.

 Some 50 or so species and variants of Calochortus are listed by the 
 Archibalds as seeds--  go to   http://www.jjaseeds.com/  They were collected about 3 
 years ago.   It is almost a complete range of the genus from northern to 
 southern California.  Cheers, Adam 

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