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Tue, 18 Apr 2006 06:58:16 PDT
On of the pleasures of this list is craving the weeds of others. 

While not really a weed, the first of hundreds of seedlings of Colchicum
szovitsii 'Tivi' from Janis Ruksans came into flower this spring. They
appear to be true to the parental form. The parent bulb boasted dozens
of pure white flowers for over a month this spring that were unfazed by
extreme high temperatures followed by low temperatures followed by
droughty conditions followed by hail (spring in the Midwest :). The
seedlings only had 1 flower, but they also came through the rough

Boyce Tankersley
Home garden in Lake County, Illinois. USDA zone 5 on black fine textured

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I haven't seen any Ipheion growing in northern New Mexican gardens, and
the scuttlebut is that it would be at best. The worst "weed" in my
garden at the moment is Penstemon palmeri. I bet most of you can't even
grow it to flowering size.

Isn't geography fun?

- Barbara Weintraub
Santa Fe, New Mexico
6700 ft. at my front door

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